Xbox clusters?

Josip Loncaric josip at
Wed Nov 28 09:50:46 PST 2001

Microsoft's Xbox packages a 733 MHz Pentium III, 64 megabytes of memory,
a DVD drive, 100 Mbps Ethernet, and an 8-gigabyte hard disk for about
$300.  This would make it a reasonably powerful cluster node with an
excellent price/performance ratio.  Of course, the thing runs a
slimmed-down variant of Windows 2000 instead of Linux, but has anyone
discussed making an Xbox cluster?


P.S. Sony's PS2 Linux Beta Kit has been announced this April in Japan
(see or,4586,2712751,00.html).  Xbox
will probably not see anything similar from Microsoft.  Other game boxes
may be less powerful, but may have better prospects with Linux.  

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