network drivers - using 3c509 and 3c515 in the same system ?

Per Jessen per at
Sun Nov 25 07:48:27 PST 2001


I've been working on upgrading the master node in our cluster this weekend,
and hit an issue with using a 3C509 and a 3C515 card in the same system.

When the 3C515 module is loaded first, loading the 3C509 module will
lock the system hard. Same goes if the card is a 3C509B (PnP-capable).
If instead the 3C509 module is loaded first, the 3C515 driver cannot find 
the 3C515 card, and refuses to load.

I looked at using the newer 3C515.c from the Scyld page, but realised
that it only works with 2.2, not 2.4 - and the masternode is 2.4.14.

I ended up using 2 x 3C515, but would like to know if anyone else has
noticed this behaviour with a combination of 3C509 and 3C515 ?

Per Jessen

Per Jessen, Zurich - home of the J1 serial console.

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