Fortran compilers for Linux/mpich

Daniel Kidger Daniel.Kidger at
Fri Nov 23 01:56:37 PST 2001

>> I have recently built a small beowulf cluster and am now looking at
>> getting a Fortran90 compiler.  Can anyone on the list recommend
>> which are better for Linux (Redhat 7.2) using mpich ( ?
>>I've tested three Fortran 90 compilers in this basic environment, on a
>>suite of scientific codes.  They are the Portland Group's f90, NAG
>>f95, and Lahey/Fujitsu's lf95.  I also tried the Portland Group HPF
>>I have found the Portland Group products to be heavily bug-ridden, and
>>essentially unusable by a group of scientists that are actively
>>developing code that uses Fortran 90 (or HPF) features.  Moreover,
>>carefully constructed bug reports submitted to the company failed to
>>stir them.  I strongly advise avoiding this company.  

I would be very careful about your damming of Portland. 
It is widely used and a large base of users and so expect some flames!

However you do not mention the Intel Compiler. In virtually all our tests on
dual Pentium 4s, it 
outperformed the others that we tried. 

Also it works fine with mpich (apart from the fact that you need to build
mpich to expect only a single underscore on subroutines)


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