32 bit vs 64 bit computer ?

Yoon Jae Ho yoon at bh.kyungpook.ac.kr
Thu Nov 22 23:22:35 PST 2001

I want to know the exact definition of the 32 bit computer (PC ) vs 64 bit computer.
and Why we can't make 128 bit computer for long time ?
I don't know how much(the maximum number) the 32 bit computer vs 64 bit makes exact calculation without error.
and With different architecture PCs - for example AMD, Intel, MAC cpu , Is it possible to communate the calculatiton results each other ?
and With same os - for example LINUX, Is it possble to make one beowulf Using Alpha(64 bit) & Intel(32 bit) Computers ?
I mean we can communicate the calculation results with each other( 32 bit vs 64 bit) during caluculation with same O.S ?

Thank you very much

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