Tiger MP S2460 was [ot] Re: AMD testing

Donald B. Kinghorn kinghorn at pqs-chem.com
Wed Nov 21 08:59:07 PST 2001


A couple more notes ...

The memory I am using:

 I bought a couple hundred Crucial 256MB reg ecc pc2100 modules so I'm using 
2 of those on each board and I've added 1 Infenion 64x4 512MB reg ecc module 
to each board ( I'm not sure if the Infenion based modules are made by 
Infenion or someone else ... I got them from MicroPro, for $109 but they have 
gone up to ~$135 ) Greg Lindahl mentioned that it's not good to mix modules 
and I agree but what I've got in these boxes seems to working OK.

I'm using a stock Mandrake 2.4.13 kernel build ... the AMD7411 only gets set 
to ata33 (DMA mode 2 I believe). I have a bunch of machines that I've forced 
to ata100 by passing ide0=ata66 on the lilo append line this forces the 
controller into DMA mode 5 (ata100) It seems to be stable but it's too early 
to say for sure. I've seen kernel patches that I think will detect and setup 
the controller correctly but I haven't tried them. The patch (fix) may be in 
the 2.4.14/15 source but I'm not sure. (?)

Also, I just read a review of new motherboards shown at the COMDEX show ... 
there are a bunch of new dual athlon boards in the mix ... so it looks like 
we'll have more choices soon. Hurray!


Best regards

Dr. Donald B. Kinghorn  Parallel Quantum Solutions LLC

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