Gigabit Ethernet switches and network adaptors.

Velocet math at
Mon Nov 19 17:14:18 PST 2001

On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 10:00:46AM -0500, Steve Gaudet's all...
> Here's some of the network GIG E hardware we'd like to recommend:
>   AceNIC/NetGear GA620(T)/3C985B
>   SysKonnect
>   NS chipset:
>      Cameo           SOHO-GA2000T    SOHO-GA2500T
>      D-Link          DGE-500T
>      PureData        PDP8023Z-TG
>      SMC             SMC9462TX
>      NetGear         GA622

How do you find the performance of these NS82830 cards? Do they do
block interupt xfer or whatever it is for more efficient xfer? How much
system/interupt time do they chew up?


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