Rexec to Scyld nodes

Miguel Costa mcosta at
Fri Nov 16 09:16:59 PST 2001

Hello everybody,

I just got Scyld from Linux Central and tried it on a cluster of five 
dual athlon machines.
Everything works fine when I run MPI applications and I really like this 
"one big smp machine" design,
as opposed to a cluster of workstations, but I also need other people to 
be able to run
independent (non MPI) programs on the nodes.

How can these processes be started on the nodes (without the users 
including bprocs routines in their code)?

Can they use something like rexec or do I have to switch between Scyld 
Beowulf and Redhat Workstations
depending on what I want to do?

I already have Redhat installed in all the machines but it would be 
better if I didn't have to reboot between
"parallel multicomputer" and "computing farm".

hope this is clear,


Miguel Costa
University of Porto

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