Public slaves

William T. Rankin wrankin at
Thu Nov 15 09:35:16 PST 2001

> From: "Andrew B. Raij" <raij at>
> Hi everybody,
> I'd like to set up a scyld cluster with slaves open to the public
> network.  I'd also like each slave to get the same ip of my choosing every
> time it is booted and slave ips shouldn't have to be confined to any
> specific range.  I understand that doing this is contradictory to the
> beowulf design but is it possible?  

What you are talking about is to set up all the nodes as general
purpose workstations and using them as a cluster.  This isn't
"contrary" to the beowulf design (that's how my first cluster was
set up).  It is contrary IIRC to the basic Scyld assumptions.

Have you considered just using kickstart with a standard linux
distribution to configure your machines?  Or is there something
specific to Scyld that you are interested in?


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