Compile farm?

Strange, John at
Wed Nov 14 05:58:26 PST 2001

Well you can use mexec with mosix to get things to work, and it does work
quite well but it doesn't scale because of some underlying filesystem
problems we are having.

I've got 25 machines, our backend storage currently is netapp filers, so
using NFS I have to turn off client side caching.  It basically crushes the
filer doing constant file handling lookups.  I'm still playing with a netapp
that we have on spare, maybe I'll have some luck with finding away around
the problems that we are having.

There is no really good backend filesystem that you can use, maybe GFS but
it's still relatively new and too bleeding edge for pratical use. (IMHO)
Plus we don't have the hardware for it fiber channel and we have *NO*

If anyone has any suggestions I would glad to hear them.


John Strange

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Greetings. I'm interested in setting up a shell account/batch
process/compile farm system for our developers, and I'm wondering if Beowulf
clusters are well suited to that task. We're not interested in writing
parallel code using PVM or MPI, we just want to log into what appears to be
one big server and have it dispatch the workload amongst the slave
processors. Is Beowulf good at that?

p.s. Sorry if there are duplicates of this message; I used the wrong email
address earlier.

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