Beowwulf Status Monitor on Scyld

german kogan gkogan at
Sun Nov 11 23:26:22 PST 2001

On Mon, 12 Nov 2001, Sean Dilda wrote:

> On Sun, 11 Nov 2001, german kogan wrote:
> > What do you mean by -8? What does NO_LOCAL=1 mean and do I have to set
> > this every time I ran mpi? The command I use for running
> > mpi is 'mpi -np "number of processes" ./a.out'. Where would I put
> > NO_LOCAL=1?
> -8 as in 27az-8, 27bz-8 or 27cz-8.
> I had thought that you were starting your jobs by doing:
> NP=4 ./a.out
> in which case you'd do:
> NP=4 NO_LOCAL=1 ./a.out
> (you can replace '4' with however many processes you actually want)
> As you're using mpirun, you can also do:
> mpirun -np "number of processes" -nolocal ./a.out

For some reason I have two copies of mpirun one in /usr/bin/ and one in
/usr/mpi_beowulf/bin. But when  I try running some code with the copy in
/usr/mpi_beowulf/bin I get the following error "p0_4360: p4_error:
net_create_slave: host not a bproc node: -3 p4_error: latest msg from
perror: Success" but it does have all the mpi options such as -nonlocal
etc, it shows me all these when I type something like "mpirun -h". However
I can run code with the mpirun from /usr/bin. But  when I tried doing
/usr/bin.mpirun -np 4 -nolocal ./a.out I get the folowing error "Failed to
exec target program: No such file or directory". Do you have any ideas?


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