Beowwulf Status Monitor on Scyld

german kogan gkogan at
Sun Nov 11 21:19:34 PST 2001

> >
> > Also, another question is about mpi. I have ran a simple test code on
> > the cluster, and some processes seem to run on the master node. What do I
> > have to do to prevent this from happening? So that the processes only run on
> > the slave nodes.
> I'm assuming you're using -8.  When running your MPI job, set NO_LOCAL=1
> just like you set the NP

What do you mean by -8? What does NO_LOCAL=1 mean and do I have to set
this every time I ran mpi? The command I use for running
mpi is 'mpi -np "number of processes" ./a.out'. Where would I put


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