ch_p4 Error -> System Hangs

Chadalavada Kalyana Krishna kalyanakrishna at
Tue Nov 6 01:51:11 PST 2001

Hello all,

I am working on a 7 node Linux Cluster ( 6 compute
nodes , 1 FS).  I tried to run simple Hello World
Program. The C Program went through with out any
glitches. When I tried the same in FORTRAN, the
system from which the program was started, hung. I
could not trace out the source to any s/w problem or
installation, though I am not sure about it.

Repeated attempts to run the same resulted in hanging
of n09, n11, n13,n14, n15. I was not able to Ping to
the systems. But, I also do not understand why n10 did
not hang though I ran the program there too.

Ths display is :

Code: some numbres.

Alicee: Killed Interrupt handler
Kernel Panic: Interrupt Handler not syncing

One important point is that we have configured mpich
to use ssh instead of rsh for communication.

with reagrds,


Ch.Kalyana Krishna,
Parallel Processing Group,
National PARAM Super Computing Facility, Center for Development of Advanced Computing,
Pune University Campus,Pune - 411 007, India.
Ph: Off:+91-20-5694080 Res: +91-20-589255

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