[ot] Re: AMD testing

Trent Piepho xyzzy at speakeasy.org
Sat Nov 3 17:11:52 PST 2001

On Sat, 3 Nov 2001, Hereward Cooper wrote:
> Hi there,
> Has any user of the Tiger MP S2460 had experience of what happens if you DON'T
> use registered memory? Will it blow up :-) ??

There was a review of this board when it came out at tom's hardware or
anadtech, I'm not sure which.  They tested registered vs non-registered
memory.  If you use more than two DIMM slots, you need registered.  Three
non-registered DIMMs won't work, and two non-registered plus one registered
won't work either.  It doesn't explode or catch fire (only if the heatsink
falls off..), but won't pass POST.  Registered ECC is only a couple dollars
more than non-registered ECC, so there really is no reason not to get it.

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