rack mountable ready cases for athlon uni and mp mobos?

Joel Jaeggli joelja at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Thu Jul 26 14:52:08 PDT 2001

Implemention for nodes in our cluster is waiting on dual mainboards with
20pin atx connectors and without the extra's we won't use like ultra-160
scsi and dual fast ether built into the mainboard(can you say cheap
bastard...)... The msi board that's been making the rounds in tradeshows
in the far east shows some promise there...

other applications I support at the U of O aren't space constrained
(application servers) will likely have dual athlons playing in the mix


On Thu, 26 Jul 2001 alvin at Maggie.Linux-Consulting.com wrote:

> hi ya joel...
> we're a few weeks away from making a custom 1U chassis for
> P4, amd and supermicro(dual-nic) motherboards...
> if you need a "bunch"...it'd make sense to move this along
> faster.... if one-z-two-z testing/orders than it'd be a while stilll..
> cooling is the issue too... ( haven't done final test on cooling )
> 	- we've found, on P3s, smaller heatsinks runs better than "huge"
> 	heatsinks... just need to keep the small heatsink cool...
> our 1U chassis hold 1 drive, 2, 4, 6, 8 drives...
> ( please email offline if interested )
> c ya
> alvin
> http://www.Linux-1U.net
> On Thu, 26 Jul 2001, Joel Jaeggli wrote:
> > I've yet to see a wtx power supply in a 2u case...
> >
> > the pcpower and cooling 450a4 could potentially fit in some 2u cases
> > like the en2210...
> >
> > the enlight 83099c4a1 (dual300) and 84099c4a1 (dual 400) come with both
> > 20 and 24 pin power connectors and 8 and 4 pin aux connectors. however
> > they're about half again as long as a standard power supply so shoehorning
> > them into most 2u cases I've seen recently might be hard...
> >
> > for sure the supermicro 8040 case and power supply would hold everthing
> > without issue and cooling wouldn't be a problem but it's a little big (4u)
> > and pricey...
> >
> > cooling 2 1.2ghz athlon mp's in a 2u case shouldn't be that hard...
> > agilent articooler ca's or thermaltake mini-copper/chrome orbs will fit no
> > problem in that kind of space...
> >
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