rack mountable ready cases for athlon uni and mp mobos?

alvin at Maggie.Linux-Consulting.com alvin at Maggie.Linux-Consulting.com
Thu Jul 26 14:20:50 PDT 2001

hi ya joel...

we're a few weeks away from making a custom 1U chassis for 
P4, amd and supermicro(dual-nic) motherboards...

if you need a "bunch"...it'd make sense to move this along
faster.... if one-z-two-z testing/orders than it'd be a while stilll..

cooling is the issue too... ( haven't done final test on cooling )
	- we've found, on P3s, smaller heatsinks runs better than "huge"
	heatsinks... just need to keep the small heatsink cool...

our 1U chassis hold 1 drive, 2, 4, 6, 8 drives...
( please email offline if interested )

c ya

On Thu, 26 Jul 2001, Joel Jaeggli wrote:

> I've yet to see a wtx power supply in a 2u case...
> the pcpower and cooling 450a4 could potentially fit in some 2u cases
> like the en2210...
> the enlight 83099c4a1 (dual300) and 84099c4a1 (dual 400) come with both
> 20 and 24 pin power connectors and 8 and 4 pin aux connectors. however
> they're about half again as long as a standard power supply so shoehorning
> them into most 2u cases I've seen recently might be hard...
> for sure the supermicro 8040 case and power supply would hold everthing
> without issue and cooling wouldn't be a problem but it's a little big (4u)
> and pricey...
> cooling 2 1.2ghz athlon mp's in a 2u case shouldn't be that hard...
> agilent articooler ca's or thermaltake mini-copper/chrome orbs will fit no
> problem in that kind of space...

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