Scyld module configuration

Ben DeLong ben.delong at
Fri Jul 13 13:57:49 PDT 2001


A couple of weeks ago I posted a question regarding a specific 3Com 
network card that wouldn't detect 100Mb/sec with the 2.2.x linux kernel 
(Mandrake 7.2) and instead only ran at 10Mb/sec.  I was able to fix the 
problem by passing an option to the 3c59x module when it was loaded. 
 Specifically I added the line "options eth0 options=8,8" to the 
module.conf file.

Yesterday I got around to installing Scyld on our 4 node cluster and 
bumped into the same problem - all the cards were running at 10Mb after 
install.  On the head node the problem was easy enough to fix by adding 
the options line to the conf.modules file on the head.  My question is 
how do I pass this parameter on the slave nodes?  I have looked through 
all the documentation I have and I can't find an answer.

I also tried 'bpsh -n X mii-diag -A 100BaseTx-FD' for each on the nodes 
and this did indead change the indicator light on my switch to indicate 
100Mb operation, but the node became unreachable as soon as this was 
executed.  An suggestions on how to fix this problem would be greatly 


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