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Fri Jul 13 08:53:02 PDT 2001

Actually, that is possible.  Well, it used to be at least.  You need to
turn on "emulate Sun NFS server" support in the kernel.  Sun used to let
you re-export (maybe still does?) an NFS drive and Linux 2.2 also supports
that.  I don't see the support in 2.4.  Now, don't expect it to PERFORM
well, but it is (or was) possible.


On Fri, 13 Jul 2001, Christoph Wasshuber wrote:

> I have a fundamental NFS question. Assume
> that we have three computers, X, HEAD, NODE1.
> 	X ----- HEAD ----- NODE1
>       /vol      /mnt/v1    /mnt/v2
> X     is some computer on a larger network
> HEAD  is also member of this larger network and
>       knows about X and NODE1
> NODE1 is one of my beowulf nodes and does not
>       know anything about the larger network.
> NODE1 does not know anything about X and X likewise
> does not know anything about NODE1. The HEAD knows
> both X and NODE1.
> Assume further that X exported his /vol directory
> and HEAD has mounted it on /mnt/v1. Everything is
> fine and working well. HEAD can access X:/vol by
> looking into /mnt/v1
> Now my question:
> Can NODE1 mount HEAD:/mnt/v1 so that NODE1 can
> access X:/vol by looking into his /mnt/v2?
> In other words can one mount a mounted directory?
> I would be very glad if somebody could enlighten
> me on this issue, because I have tried it and
> it does not work. But maybe I am doing something
> wrong.
> Chris....
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