Channel-bonding/VLAN with Scyld

Niclas Andersson nican at
Thu Jul 12 05:14:21 PDT 2001

Hi Mike,

I had the same problems 2 years ago but I gave up bonding. It doesn't improve 
latency (often more important than BW) and the stability is too low.

The problem is that both interfaces on one system use the same MAC-adress. Most
switches do not tolerate two interfaces with the same MAC-adress not even on
separate VLANs. (There are a few that does but can't remember them name of them
now. The problem is that this piece of information may be a little bit tricky
to find. Bonding a la Becker isn't that common in networks.) 

I didn't succeed with bonding on HP2424. The reason may of course be the 
D-link interfaces w. DEC21143 I used which sometimes have difficulties 

What could work is the CISCO Ethernet channel which even the HP ProCurve has. 
(Be certain that the OS in the switch is recent enough!) I'm not familiar with 
that thing work. I only heard that it looked more or less the same as the 

> I sent an email to the list last week regarding configuring our HP
> Procurve 4000m switch for channel-bonding.  I am still having major
> problems!!
> If the OS was configured for channel-bonding without any switch
> configuration, I got only 17Mbps :-( When I turned on trunking for
> certain ports on the switch, I got about 100Mbps, which was only a
> slight improvement from 1 NIC (plus, it was using SA/DA, so there was
> no node-to-node bandwidth improvement).
> I got a response suggesting that I should setup 2 VLANs, and have all
> eth0's on VLAN-1 and all eth1's on VLAN-2.  The responder said that he
> can get 190Mbps.  The trunking configuration is supposed to be for
> switch to switch configurations.  He was using an HP 2400 (or was it
> 2424?).  The manual I have is for both models, so I assume that it
> will work with mine as well.
> I am still having major difficulties with getting it to work with
> Scyld.

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