pci network cards

Sean Dilda agrajag at scyld.com
Mon Jul 9 11:22:15 PDT 2001

On Mon, 09 Jul 2001, niall moran wrote:

> hi
> i have a scyld installed and working between two pcs.
> i have an old compaq proliant (3 x pentium 100 etc). 
> there are no pci slots in it and there is a de435 network card in it.
> when i try to boot it using a node floppy i get errors about not having
> any pci interface.
> must network cards be pci to work?

Yes.  Scyld Beowulf only support PCI network cards.  Our boot process on
the slave nodes involves scanning the PCI bus for network cards, then
using them to RARP and download the real kernel.  Unfortunately, you
can't scan the ISA bus like you can the PCI bus, so we can't support
ISA network cards.
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