What? what? oh, no, no again ...

Andreas Boklund andreas at amy.udd.htu.se
Mon Jul 9 00:17:32 PDT 2001

Hi Pedro!
I have also noticed the "neighborhood table overflow" error when booting
my Scyld cluster (It is not a production cluster, just made it to compare
a few features with MOSIX). I have 3c509-something, cards and as i see it
the error occurs whenever the nodes are sending RARP-requests and the
network is not responding. In my case this means that the switch (Cisco 
catalyst 2900XL) doesnt show the connection as up. 

I have no idea why you are getting the "fatal error: resetting machine in
30 seconds" error, but i think that the 2 errors might be unrelated. Plug
in the 3com cards and connect the nodes through a hub(just for testing),
and if my theory is correct you should not see the "neighborhood table
overflow" anymore. It does not solve your second problem but it might help 
in troubleshooting. 

Best regards.

On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, Pedro Henrique Ponchio wrote:

> Hello,
> I finally replace my non-function-only-under-beowulf 3com 905cx-txmn
> cards to realtek 8139 100 Mbits, after more than tree weeks making
> compilation of drivers, modules, pci_scan, kern_compat, diag tools,
> kernels, etc with no sucess... 
> But today, when I tried to boot one of my future slave nodes, the
> message "fatal error: resetting machine in 30 seconds" appear again
> (with 3com cards, I see that and the "neighborhood table overflow"
> message, or something). There is no problem with my network connection,
> wan or lan. My Scyld Beowulf is based on a RH6.2, kernel
> 2.2.17-33.beosmp #1 SMP, 1686. 
> Could someone send any idea to help me out to solve these endless
> troubles with my nics? Or just tell me some suggestions about what cards
> to get. Maybe some witches?
> THKStoALL with Regards,
> Pedro Henrique (sorry about possible bad grammar or type)
> South America - Brazil - Sao Paulo - getting MAD
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