newbie - small node update (and some more questions!) gigabit?

Eric Linenberg elinenbe at
Thu Jul 5 14:09:24 PDT 2001

Thanks for the informative, quick responses everyone!
I do have a few more questions though...

What are the benefits/drawbacks of a gigabit network as compared to a
double bonded 100baseT network or a simple 100baseT network?  What
exactly is a double bonded network, and how big are the benefits in a
system like mine with 4 dual processor nodes?

I have been in contact with the professor, and due to space limitations it
seems we will be using a Tyan/AthlonMP combo -- only 4 boxes, but 8
processors, and a master box that we already have that is a dual 800
Intel Xeon box.  This should work out fine -- right?

So, I would really like to know what people's opinions and thoughts
are about gigabit in a system like this.  I have briefly looked for
places that sell gigabit switches and it seems a 6 port gigabit switch
is about $1300 and a gigabit card is about $200 (both by 3com at


so, what cards and switches have you guys used on your systems out
there?  Is the gigabit option's performance worth it's price
difference (remember we have $25000, but do not necessarily want to
spend it all)  And, what are the best cards to use (as in most Linux
support, best/most stable drivers, etc) for a system like this.

I will probably be running the latest red hat distro, so please take
that into consideration.

Thanks so much,
Eric Linenberg

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