beoserv not seeing RARP

Richard Walsh rbw at
Thu Nov 30 06:55:58 PST 2000


On getting your Scyld nodes into the up state:

The configuration file in /etc/beowulf must contain lines
of the following:

node MAC
node MAC

Where "node" is the literal string "node" not the
number (documentation is confusing). MAC is the
machine/interface address. These are written to a
file called unknown_addresses by the server. I think
that it is in /var/beowulf on head node.

You will also find that bpcp does not work. There
is a bug at line 314 where they free a pointer
that has never been assigned. You should remove
this and recompile. Make sure NFS is running and
that you have a properly configured fstab file
in /etc/beowulf/fstab.

The are other errors in the logs written in
/var/log/beowulf/node.x files which are generated
by /usr/lib/beoboot/bin/node_up as it attempts
to fully configure the nodes, but the rest do
not prevent you from getting to the up state.

Also need to make sure you have proper cylinder 
integral partitioning on the remote drives (beofdisk).
Success is indicated by a bpstat that shows your 
nodes in "up" state.
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