beoserv not seeing RARP

Ken lowther at
Wed Nov 29 13:24:25 PST 2000

Robert Sand wrote:
> Thanks to all for helping with the kernel setup.
> After creating a boot floppy, and network boot image, I can not get the master
> to answer the RARP's from the nodes.  I can see that beoserv is running and I've
> setup the /etc/beowulf/config file correctly.  Any ideas why beoserv wouldn't
> see the RARP's and things I should look for would be helpful.
> I did find out that I had to download more than just the kernel rpm but I was
> unsure just how much to install.

I downloaded everything.  Had to get two more packages to satisfy
dependencies.  I am in the same boat as you at the moment.

Ken Lowther
Youngstown, Ohio

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