Cool it off

Ken lowther at
Thu Nov 16 18:59:12 PST 2000

Laurent Itti wrote:
> then we have an A/C unit blowing cool air at the whole beowulf. That's
> mostly so that the room does not get too hot and uncomfortable for people
> (the CPU temperature alarm was preset at 75C on the motherboard and we run
> at 29C, so I think the beowulf would not mind the room heating up by
> another 10-20C).

I saw a guy who had a 'cottage industry' out of his garage sticking
stock ac units into cabinets for computers racks.  Of course the stuff
inside stays cool.  The poor folk out side the cases?  The point is
mainly that if your Beowulf cluster is from stock components, you 'rack
cabinet' can be too.

Ken Lowther
Youngstown, Ohio

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