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Bob, for some reason my posts to the Beowulf list are not getting
Could you kindly forward this message on, as part of the thread
on transportable Beowulfs?
I have seen an excellent system, which would fit the bill perfectly.
I'm quite excited by the idea of having a supercomputer which
you can drive or fly around.

John Hearns

Jim Lux wrote:
> I am contemplating building a (trans)Portable Beowulf for field reduction
> and visualization of measurement data. It's a fairly computationally
> intensive problem basically involving creating an FEM model that replicates
> observed measurements, but, fortunately, is fairly coarsegrained, so
> interprocessor comm requirements aren't dominating (yet).
Jim, at last year's UK Linux Developer' Conference there was a
marvellous talk,
and demo, by a UK company which sells a system which is just what you

Using a standard PC tower system, they have PCI cards which carry
PowerPC processors.
The PowerPCs are run as a small cluster.
They also had a PCI extender available, so you aren't limited to the
of PCI slots on the motherboard, as I remember.
The speaker said that one of their main markets was automotive testing -
ie. putting heavy duty computer power into a vehicle on a test track or
Also I assume there are military applications :-)
He demoed the 'classic' PVM Povray running on the 'cluster in a case'.
I for one was impressed.

I had quite a long talk with the speaker, Adrian Cox, aferwards -
let me know if I can tell you any more, or help you contact the company.
This sounds a great project you have.

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