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Pierre Brua brua at
Tue Nov 7 12:56:36 PST 2000

Franz Marini wrote:
>   we're going to expand our 16 nodes beo and I would like to know if
> someone has any experience with DLINK DFE-530TX network adapter under
> RedHat 6.2.

This exact model, old release A1 (you can see it on the chip) works with
the via-rhine driver. I suggest using the latest driver provided by
Donald Becker from, and not the one included with
the Linux kernel. It's not very efficient because the card is limited in
functionnality, but it works.
_But_ the B and C release of the included chip with the same reference
on the box are only working with an experimental driver under
development not found with current linux distribution. The same apply
for the DFE-530TX+ cards. I would even suggest getting regular NE2000
compatible cards instead of risking to have a lot of trouble with the
recent dlink chips.

>   Moreover, has anyone tried to use an i810 motherboard under linux ? We
> have a limited budget so I'd like a mb with an integrated vga.

If I were you I would lower the number of nodes to be able to use better
motherboards. Just my 0.02 Euros.

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