Computing power of beowulfs for net shutdown

Kevin McAloon mcaloon at
Wed May 17 07:01:27 PDT 2000


Interesting problem... spoken from the attacker's perspective... although the
of certain beowulf systems might also prove effective, were the 'wulf connected to
correct "spots" in the net....

> The analysis of interconnected weaknesses *does* seem to be a Beowulf
> application.  There are a lot of network-topology problems here that are
> hard.  Say you have one point of entry to the net, and your goal is (in
> graph theory terms) to decrease the connectedness of the net as much as
> possible.  So you start taking down backbone routers.

It would be nice to have a "beowulf" attached to the backbone routers to try to
the incoming attack (somehow ;-)) Probably a "man-in-the-middle" approach to
dynamically trace the source and do a complimentary attack....

> a Beowulf would come in handy for strategizing.

Yup, on defense as well as offense.

> update your strategy in real-time as unexpected difficulties arise.

Defense can be your best offense, in certain cases.

> DDoS

My ignorance of acronyms .... could you give me a clue on the DDos definition

> Who owns the movie rights to the beowulf list? =)
>         Jesse.

Maybe it will be an "open source" movie :-)

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