batch processing and scheduling

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Wed May 17 08:04:24 PDT 2000

Maui is a scheduler in the narrowest sense: it decides which jobs to run where.
This includes features such as:

- reservations (system, project, user)
- fair usage policy
- varying scheduling policies based on time-of-day
- and a bunch of other features

Maui doesn't have the ability to accept jobs from users (queue), start jobs, or
monitor nodes. For these it depends on what is often called "resource
management" software.

PBS provides all these capabilities. In reality PBS also distinguishes between
resource management and scheduling, it includes several schedulers that you can
choose from. Maui interfaces with PBS resource management (server and moms) in
the same way PBS schedulers interface with PBS resource management components.


Peter Jay Salzman wrote:
> dear all,
> i hear that many sites use PBS for batch processing and MAUI for scheduling.
> i'm not so clear on the distinction between batch processing and scheduling.
> it sounds like "scheduling" means "when to run this here job".  but that's
> exactly what "batch processing" sounds like to me.   we have this queue and
> we process it by running "this here job".
> sounds the same, or at least, similar.
> can someone outline the differences between these two things?
> also, i see that MAUI is non-free.  did that play into anyone's decision of
> whether to use it or not?
> thanks!
> pete
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