Diskless 1.2 question

Rafael R. Pappalardo rafapa at catedrax.us.es
Wed May 17 04:02:38 PDT 2000

Dear all,
I am trying to use the diskless package from smile.cpe.ku.ac.th to setup
a cluster composed by dual PIII machines.

The package include its own kernel image under the image directory.
Unfortunately it seems that is not an SMP enable kernel. Does anybody
knows how to change the kernel that goes to the boot diskettes?
At boot time there is a message about SYSLINUX.

Thanks a lot for your time


Dr. Rafael R. Pappalardo
Dept. Quimica Fisica, Fac. de Quimica, Univ. de Sevilla (SPAIN)
e-mail: rafapa at catedrax.us.es

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