Abit BP6 stability was: Stability of network cards at 75MHz+

Chan Chee Seng aids at pobox.org.sg
Tue May 16 03:45:56 PDT 2000

> > > A further warning to add to Doug's:  If you have any interest
> in running
> > > the BP6 nodes with UDMA enabled, you CANNOT overclock.  I believe that
> > > Mark Hahn noted that in a comment just yesterday or the day
> before.  You
> > > will completely screw up critical timing if you do.
> This is contrary to what I have experienced - I have UDMA33 enabled and
> all seems fine - could I be damaging my hardware without knowing it?

I think what he meant was the ATA66 controllers.

Personally, I don't like to run the bus speed above 33Mhz. Thus I either run
it at 66Mhz or the next jump will be at 92Mhz as at 92Mhz, the multiplier is
at 1/3. This way, you are only overclocking the CPU only and not the whole
system. I did tired uping above 33Mhz, but there seems to have cause some
problems with my SCSI contollers. Stability of the system is more important
than running it faster. But I'm happy with my current speed at 95Mhz which
is ocing the CPU, but the system is very stable all this while..

Chan Chee Seng

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