Abit BP6 stability was: Stability of network cards at 75MHz+

Chris Empson C.J.Empson at chem.hull.ac.uk
Tue May 16 03:14:21 PDT 2000

> > A further warning to add to Doug's:  If you have any interest in running
> > the BP6 nodes with UDMA enabled, you CANNOT overclock.  I believe that
> > Mark Hahn noted that in a comment just yesterday or the day before.  You
> > will completely screw up critical timing if you do.

This is contrary to what I have experienced - I have UDMA33 enabled and 
all seems fine - could I be damaging my hardware without knowing it?
> > I personally run my BP6's at their nice, pedestrian spec speed and they
> > are very nice and reliable.
> I am running mine at its pedestrian spec as well but I'm seeing lockups every
> 14 days or so. The machine locks hard so that even a magic sysreq doesn't 
> work.

Have you tried flashing your board with the latest BIOS (I think NJ is 
the latest)? I had a similar problem until I flashed mine. 
You can download the latest BIOS via http://www.bp6.com
> I am running a DFE-550TX network card and some low end video card as 
> additional cards on the motherboard. I've started to suspect the BIOS
> is shutting the machine down because of an overheat state -- should
> I be using something in Linux to monitor the internal temprature?

I use BP6mon, you can find it at http://freshmeat.net

Chris Empson
Second Year MChem Chemistry 
University of Hull

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