new SGI Origin & Onyx 3k?

Matthias Troyer troyer at
Thu Jul 27 20:11:38 PDT 2000

W Bauske wrote:
> Matthias Troyer wrote:
> > We are actually routinely running production codes on several hundred
> > nodes, and are devloping codes that will need 1000 nodes AND a fast
> > network for a single problem. Our 500 CPU Beowulf cluster is just not
> > the right choice for some problems.
> >
> Do you consider your system environment "normal"?
> Some people do use very large systems. They are not in the
> majority however. Just not that many companies are willing
> to spend the $$$$$$$$ to keep such systems around.
> I also ask you what sort of cpu's you use. If you're even
> one generation back, you should just upgrade the number
> of cpu's you have to the latest generation. It makes me chuckle
> when someone tells me they have 1000+ processors and they turn
> out to be 4-5 years old.
> Also, which vendor you choose can make a significant difference
> on where 500 processors perform. 500 Intel PIII's are not the
> same as 500 21264 Alphas, unless your work involves much integer
> work.

Actualy all we need several hundred Gigabyte to one Terabyte of total
memory - he only way to get that is by going parallel.

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