Who runs large capability jobs

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> Would 40,000 processors with an aggregate SpecFP95 of 1,284,962
> (the equivalent processing power of 17,000 Alpha 21264 750Mhz) working
> on the same problem be "embarrassingly parallel"?
> http://n0cgi.distributed.net/statistics/stats.html

I think, distributed computers are a little bit different from parallel computers like MPP, Clusters.

I mean the distributed computers (distributed.net or SETI) are using for the specific part of Parallel Computers.  

Rendering for Movie film , Security hacking, Optimal Golomb Rulers etc are important area for the distributed computers until now.

I heard that for the Genome, N-body, Nuclear simulation, Weather forecasting,  the Distributed computers are not fitting.

but parallel computers are good for those projects.

Distributed computers can use many CPUs in the world. 

for example, SETI has using more than 2,000,0000 CPU, and distributed.net has about 160,0000 CPU. 

but, distributed computers are using specific area.

for Globus Project, Legion Project, Mobidick program, I don't know exactly whether those belongs Parallel computers or Distributed Computers.

and Is there anybody who explain about application areas for the distributed computers more ?    

and the below site is good explanation about distributed computers.

please refer to 


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