Who runs large capability jobs

Doug Shubert wiseowl at accessgate.net
Thu Jul 27 16:32:24 PDT 2000


> Commercial folks are headed in that direction. You can decide for yourself
> if you think that embarrassingly parallel sites like the 1,000 cpu genetic
> algorithm site is "a single job", or if Google's cluster is running "a
> single job". But I assure you that the protein folding guys are headed to
> 1,000+ cpu runs. And they have hundreds of millions of dollars to spend. On
> computers.

Would 40,000 processors with an aggregate SpecFP95 of 1,284,962
(the equivalent processing power of 17,000 Alpha 21264 750Mhz) working
on the same problem be "embarrassingly parallel"?

not to mention the price/performance.

> Right. Whatever. I don't care what the rule is. I do what I do, you do what
> you do, we compare notes on this mailing list so we both can learn. Arguing
> or discussing what's typical is about as interesting as the periodic
> comp.arch flamewar "Who cares about anything but x86, only x86 is
> important"... "who cares about x86, microcontrollers ship in 10 times the
> volume"... "well, I want to talk about Alpha, because it's best for my
> app"...

Since we are breaking the rules...


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