new to the game

Jörg Kaduk joerg at
Thu Jul 27 13:27:35 PDT 2000

I am absolutely new to this area. My group just got a 2 CPU SMP dell
I installed redhat 6.2 and I have Portland fortran. 
I guess that does not qualify as a beowulf yet...
Nevertheless, I hope it is enough to get a feel.
I would very much appreciate some leads and any other info, e.g.
- where could I start getting the most basic stuff...
  - tools to check the load on the different CPU's... ???
- eventually I would like to run climate models (F77 F90) on a 
  heterogeneous cluster - we have a 2CPU origin 200 and a couple
  of single or two CPU sun's, and a couple of NT machines idling
  most of the time.
  Where should I look to get info about the problems involved and
  to research the questions. Is PVM the only way for this kind of
Thanks very much!
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