earlier discussion on Beowulfs for net-shutdown.

Jesse Davis ajdavis at cs.oberlin.edu
Thu Jul 27 13:27:12 PDT 2000

Off-topic, but if anyone's curiosity was piqued by our discussion a few
months ago about taking down the 'net--topology, strategy,
analysis--there's an article on topological vulnerabilities in the *web*


They take an interesting tack--they analyze the web for *linking*
topology, rather than routing topology, and find that the diameter is
about 19 clickable links.  If one disabled the most-linked-through sites,
the article claims you could disable the web without taking down any
routers, because users wouldn't be able to click from site to site.  This
is naive--it focusses on linking among static pages, which is increasingly
irrelevant--but it's quite interesting.  There's also a discussion of the
net as an organism.


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