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Chris Hendrickson chendric at
Thu Jul 13 11:32:29 PDT 2000

> I wish I could help, in part because I've encountered the same problem
> and never did solve it.  My solution was to fall back to the 1.2.27
> version everywhere.  Another thing that is reputed to work is to use the
> OpenSSH product, which seems to be less broken and more backward
> compatible than the 2.0.x line.

right my mistake, this was referring to the Commercial SSH, I've been using
OpenSSH for quite some time and have not had any problems with it (except
OpenSSH does not support the SecureFTP that the Commercial Does) other than that
it is pretty compatable, ssh and scp both seem to work flawlessly


"The box said requires Windows 95 or better... So I installed Linux"

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