ssh madness

Victor Ortega vor+ at
Thu Jul 13 11:15:47 PDT 2000

On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Robert G. Brown wrote:
> I wish I could help, in part because I've encountered the same problem
> and never did solve it.  My solution was to fall back to the 1.2.27
> version everywhere.  Another thing that is reputed to work is to use the
> OpenSSH product, which seems to be less broken and more backward
> compatible than the 2.0.x line.

That is a shame, because it's not too hard to get it to work.  The
trick is usually to first install ssh1, and then install ssh2 on top
of it.  The ssh2 installation scripts are usually smart enough to
figure out that you already have ssh1, and thus configure ssh2 to fall
back to ssh1 when needed.  If not, you can mess with the configuration
script to get it to work.  I've installed both ssh1 and ssh2 that way
on a couple of linux boxes and on a Solaris machine.  I configured and
installed from source, I must say, which is usually the recommended
way to install all security packages.

I'm not sure about OpenSSH.  I have trouble using it to connect to
sites running ssh2 (OpenSSH 2.1, anyway).


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