ssh madness

Chris Hendrickson chendric at
Thu Jul 13 10:34:26 PDT 2000

> and on the nodes, we installed the following rpms:
>     [p at n01]$ rpm -qa | grep ssh
>     ssh-1.2.27-1
>     ssh-server-1.2.27-1
>     ssh2-2.0.13-1i

remove all three rpm's and from (or another
openssh mirror)


(and if not already installed)

looks like you had ssh 1.2 installed and tried to run ssh 2 on top of that... that doesn't fly. fully upgrade to ssh2 (it's supposedly more secure anyway)

(don't worry about trying to talk to earlier ssh1 servers/clients, it works perfectly)


"The box said requires Windows 95 or better... So I installed Linux"

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