ssh madness

Peter Jay Salzman p at
Thu Jul 13 10:05:13 PDT 2000

dear all,

on the front end, we compiled the following in tarball form:

and on the nodes, we installed the following rpms:
    [p at n01]$ rpm -qa | grep ssh

and the two sets of ssh packages are definitely not happy with each other.
ssh2 doesn't seem to work (ssh2 == ssh):

   [root at wulfgar ssh]# ssh2 -l p n01
   Disconnected; protocol version not supported (Illegal protocol version.).

but ssh1 seems to work fine.

   [root at wulfgar ssh]# ssh1 -l p n01
   p at n01's password:

i need help.  can someone tell me why ssh2 is complaining about illegal
protocol version?  it looks like both machines should have ssh 2.0.13.

much thanks!

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