SCI vs Myrinet for Alpha

Tom Morris Tom.Morris at
Tue Aug 29 13:23:06 PDT 2000

David Bremner [SMTP:bremner at] wrote:
> Having noticed that Dolphin now has supposedly support for Alpha (look
> on for links), I wonder if there are
> compelling reasons to consider SCI instead of Myrinet.
> I am looking at about 8 2 proc UP2000 nodes 

What are your buying criteria?  Bandwidth? Latency?  Price?
Each of the interconnects currently supporting Alpha 
(Myricom, Dolphin/Scali, Quadrics) has different strengths.
I have clusters using all three.

When do you plan to buy?  Myricom has introduced interface
cards with higher link speeds and has said that they will soon
introduce matching switches.  Scali has said that it will soon
introduce a new generation of product with 64-bit PCI and
higher speed links.

>     1) The drivers are not open source. Well, this is not just an 
>     ideological issue for me; it seems like a bit  of a maintenence
>     nightmare.

It's worth asking vendors this question specifically rather than
depending on past history because; a) the answer tends to change
over time and b) their behavior is often modified by customer

> Well, it sounds like my mind is made up, but I am really just starting
> to investigate.

Are these two things mutually exclusive? :-)


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