SCI vs Myrinet for Alpha

Pierre Brua brua at
Tue Aug 29 13:01:40 PDT 2000

David Bremner wrote:
>     1) The drivers are not open source. Well, this is not just an
>     ideological issue for me; it seems like a bit  of a maintenence
>     nightmare.

	I asked Dolphinics about that, more than one year ago.
	They said it was not on their roadmap to open their driver or GPLize it
because they want to "avoid code forking and protocols incompatibility
problems between forked drivers". Well, that cleared the point for me...
I don't know about their future plans.

	I don't know wether ScaliMPI is GPL or not. I suppose it's not since I
never saw a download page of it.

Paralline is currently a Myrinet reseller, in case you would happen to
ask :-)

Hope it helps,

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