MOSIX for Alpha?

Pierre Brua brua at
Sun Aug 20 07:24:52 PDT 2000

Mel Jones wrote:
> Does anyone know of any MOSIX-esque software for alpha
> processors?

Got money ? :

#Subject: Re: mosix on alphalinux
#   Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 09:46:57 +0300
#   From: "Prof. Amnon Barak" <amnon at>
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#We evaluated the alphalinux port and know what needs to be done.
#We will start the project when/if we get funding to do it.

> We would like to explore dynamically re-configuring our cluster
> as some linear combination of beowulf / non-beowulf nodes
> depending on the current job mix. How are other people doing
> this?

batch queuing systems with a sequential job queue and a parallel job
queue ? Do I misunderstand the question ?
If you want to know wether your beowulf can be divided in separate
beowulf cluster through Mosix, the answer is yes : you only have to put
a different description in /etc/ and restart the mosix daemons.
You can also request a particular job to stay on a specific node,
disabling Mosix load balancing policy for this job.

> It may well be that
> MOSIX is an overkill for us  I just want to use the stack as optimally
> as I can. We really can't afford for these machines to be idle.

At first sight, I would say a queing system (like PBS or others) would
suit your needs, since Mosix is not (yet) available on Alpha processors
Linux systems.

Hope it helps,

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