MOSIX for Alpha?

Mel Jones mello at
Fri Aug 18 07:37:31 PDT 2000


Does anyone know of any MOSIX-esque software for alpha processors? We
would like to explore dynamically re-configuring our cluster as some
linear combination of beowulf / non-beowulf nodes depending on the
current job mix.  How are other people doing this?  It may well be that
MOSIX is an overkill for us  I just want to use the stack as optimally
as I can. We really can't afford for these machines to be idle.

Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks...

            mel jones
            Department of Biochemistry

ps - I appologize if this is a redundant request. I sent one very
similar yesterday but assume it's lost in the ether since it neither
bounced nor appeared again...

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