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Douglas Eadline deadline at plogic.com
Thu Aug 10 08:16:33 PDT 2000

On Thu, 10 Aug 2000, Indraneel Majumdar wrote:

> Hi,
> The reason I asked was that TurboLinux's enfusion is supposed to do that. 
> They say you don't need to rewrite code. 
If you want to use more than one processor for a single sequential
program, you need to modify code. (or use code modified for multiple
processors).  There is no "magic bullet". (wish there was)

> So if it is embarassingly
> parallel how is it different from pvm? (I'm a bio student with no maths
> background) Is it that the same program is run with different initial
> parameters on different proessors and then you guess an approximate
> result? If so, then how does one ensure that the individual runs are
> shorter than the whole? You'll probably need to chose the initial
> parameters carefully for that, so how is that done? I guess you'll have to
> know the program algorithm to do that, and I assume that every program has
> a different algorithm. Are there things like generic algorithm analysers? 
Not yet. A generic algorithm analyser would be nice, but just think
how hard it is to figure out what someones C program is trying to

> I'm into bioinformatics, and am trying to find out whether things like
> enfusion (which TurboLinux targets at protein modelling) might be created
> inhouse. So I need to know how it works. Can you explain or give me any
> links for detailed answers?

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