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Indraneel Majumdar indraneel at www.cdfd.org.in
Thu Aug 10 09:33:11 PDT 2000


The reason I asked was that TurboLinux's enfusion is supposed to do that. 
They say you don't need to rewrite code. So if it is embarassingly
parallel how is it different from pvm? (I'm a bio student with no maths
background) Is it that the same program is run with different initial
parameters on different proessors and then you guess an approximate
result? If so, then how does one ensure that the individual runs are
shorter than the whole? You'll probably need to chose the initial
parameters carefully for that, so how is that done? I guess you'll have to
know the program algorithm to do that, and I assume that every program has
a different algorithm. Are there things like generic algorithm analysers? 

I'm into bioinformatics, and am trying to find out whether things like
enfusion (which TurboLinux targets at protein modelling) might be created
inhouse. So I need to know how it works. Can you explain or give me any
links for detailed answers?

Thanks very much,

On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Erik Paulson wrote: 

> You run the same program a whole bunch of times, each time with different
> inputs. (See also Monte Carlo simulation)
> It's a polite way of saying that you've got embarrassingly parallel work :)
> -Erik

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