[vortex] iomem allocation by network driver

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Wed Apr 30 08:45:39 2003

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003, Michael Wisse wrote:

> >The card is using the I/O address 0xcc000
> O.k., I found it in /proc/ioports.
> But what is with this entry in /proc/iomem?
> 000d0000-000d07ff : Extension ROM

This is the BIOS extension ROM, AKA the boot ROM.  This is likely mapped
by the BIOS (as opposed to being later mapped by the OS) when it checks
if a network boot is required.

> >I believe that your problem is that the BIOS is not assigning the "high
> >memory" region to the ISA bus. 
> >
> What do you mean with "high memory "? I can plug jumpers on the ISA card 
> to set the memory range below 1 MByte (a good choice is d0000,because it 
> is normally free)  or above 1 Mbyte, what is not recommended.  Therefore 
> I try to use the adress range from d0000.

You have not told the BIOS that the ISA card is using that address.
There is no reliable way for the BIOS to find this out.  You must
configured it yourself, by hand, in the BIOS setup.

> functions, which are not used by the driver access library.  I am new in 
> driver programming, but I just try to port the ISA driver to kernel 2.4.

This is not a driver programming issue.  This is an end-user problem
that should be described in your motherboard manual.

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