[vortex-bug] Report on 3c59x

Andrew Morton morton@nortelnetworks.com
Fri, 02 Feb 2001 02:25:30 +0000

"Prof. Dr. Kechang Dai" wrote:
> Dear friends,
> I have a dell notbook latitude c600 which has a minipci ehter
> 3cn3ac1556B.
> I am using SuSE linux 7.0. But I could not get it run.

That's funny.  Your 'lspci' output shows PCI IDs 1007/6055, which
is a 3c556, not a 3c556B.

> I have downloaded the 3c59x driver from the www.scyld.com, and have
> succeeded in loading the modules 3c59x.o and pci-scan.o with insmod.

But which driver was it?

>From my reading, the Qk driver at


doesn't correctly support the 3c556 because it doesn't have
the EEPROM_8BIT stuff.

But the newer Ra driver at


_does_ have the necessary changes.  It should work OK with the