3c59x.c v0.99F doesn't work with 3c905 cards?

Juergen Vigna jug@sad.it
Thu Sep 3 09:52:10 1998

On 03-Sep-98 Ted_Rule@flextech.co.uk wrote:
> With respect to setting the card parameters when running the device driver
> as a module......
>>From http://cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov/linux/drivers/vortex.html   .....

Thanks for your info :) !!!

I could not specify ether options for the 3c59x.c driver for the lilo-boot
(or in lilo.conf) (any one knows about this), so I compiled it as module
and let it load trough kerneld with the options:

options eth0 debug=1 options=12 (why 12 and not 16 as in the docu?)

and after this also the 3c59x.c v099E driver went in 100M mode :)

For me the difference between v099E and F are still that the F-version
goes in 100M mode without any options, while the E-version doesn't.

But as told you using a module and loading with the above options alos
the E-version works in 100M mode.

Thanks for your help,



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