Problems detecting 3c905B-TX

Michael Greger
Thu Sep 3 01:04:37 1998


I have a pair of Linux boxes running 2.1.111.  About two weeks ago, I
hooked them together with a pair of 3c905B's.  No Problem - worked
great!!!  Then, a freind of mine wanted to run something under Win95.
Some friend she is!  When I rebooted, I got the dreaded
ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff problem.

Ok, no problem, unplug the machine, do a cold boot...  It worked last
time.  Well, on the next boot, it's even worse.  Linux now decides that
I have an 'Unknown 3Com device'  A quick look at the PCI config space
reveals that linux gets the correct vendor ID, but gets 0x0000 for the
device ID!!!
So, I unplugged the box and tried for a day to figure out what to do
next.  So, I just turned it on once more for the fun of it.  This time
it worked!  So, I just turned it off again so I could put the top back
on the box.  When I turned it on again, VID=3COM, DID=0x0000!!!  Windows
also does not like to detect the card.  I wants me to install a new
driver for an 'unknown 3COM device'

So, anyone have any ideas?  I tried the power off, unplug strategy
again.  No go.

The details:
Linux 2.1.111 on both machines.
OK machine is am Intel BX based PII box.  No MS software installed :)
Broken machine is a 440FX based PPro.
Both machines have a 3c905B-TX.card connected by a crossover cable.
I'm running V0.99E of the driver on both machines

I would love to have the two machines talk again!!  When they work, they
work great!

Thanks for any advise,



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